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Our School follows CBSE Curriculum

Subjects to be offered:

Class IX and X is an integrated course. Students need to take only those subjects in class IX which they intend to continue in Class-X .The subjects can be selected as per scheme studies in class IX. They need to continue same subjects in class X also. Subjects can be offered as under:

Subjects              Names of the subjectsGroup
CompulsorySubject 1Language I (Hindi Course A or Hindi Course B or English Language & Literature)Group-L
Subject 2Language II (Any one from the Group of Languages (Group-L) other than Language chosen at Subject 1Group-L
Subject 3Mathematics (Student has the option of selecting Standard or Basic Mathematics at AISSE (X Board examination) Syllabus shall remains the same. Refer Mathematics syllabus for detailsGroup- A1
Subject 4Science
Subject 5Social Science
OptionalSubject 6Skill subject* from the group of Skill subjectsGroup-S
 Subject 7Language III /Any Academic subject other than opted aboveGroupL/Group-A2
Co-Scholastic AreasSubject 8 and 9 Assessment and certification at school levelArt Education Health & Physical Education Work Experience* 

*Work experience is subsumed in Health and Physical Education


Classes 1 to 5:Ratna sagar, Next Education,Poorna publications(Malayalam)

Classes 6 To 10 : NCERT Text Books